1050sNewWave Season 2 in Development

We are happy to announce that the second season of 1050sNewWave is officially under development at 1050 entertainment. It’s been two years since we last debuted the first season of the show which went on to gain decent views despite being well received by many people more especially upcoming artists.

For those who don’t know anything about the show, This music documentary show will feature music artists from different music genres. These artists share their personal stories, opinions on our music culture and business. You will get to know some of the artists we have in our music culture.

Our first season featured unique and exciting artists such as Asap Shembe, Daev Martian, Johnny Joburg, Stickx, and Music In A Box.

You can watch the first season of #1050sNewWave on our 1050tv YouTube channel. There is more content for you to enjoy. New Wave is to be released early in 2022.


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