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#FireIsTheNewBlack marries a royal African drum to an alternative rock progression in a

high-energy sonic ceremony. Loui is swerving past blockades in star-ship, speeding to the concert which he’s headlining where he serves us a booming staccato rhythm under an electrifying flow that saliently disobeys hip-hop, rock and RnB. By the time we reach the chorus, Loui implores us to “… get it while it’s hot” as the intensity peaks. This record sees the  man aflame unapologetically seduce the listener into not just playing with Fire, but scorching alongside it

#FireistheNewBlack is a statement that makes you sit up and listen attentively.

When we went to interview Loui London about his debut album, Your Princess is in another castle, little did we know that our love and appreciation for his music will lead us to this moment where we present a music video we did with him for everyone to enjoy. 

Over the past months, we have been patiently working on this lengthy project. You see a lot of things get in the way of making a creative music video and the biggest of them all is often post-production. In this video, in particular, the colour grade needed to be done frame by frame to isolate certain colours while making certain parts of the frame pop in colour.

You see we had this idea for colour grade early in the development stage and the artist himself Loui Lvndn made things easier for us by presenting a short detailed treatment of the music video. This is something I would recommend all artists to get in the habit of doing as it helps the filmmaker dive deep into your thinking through visual storytelling. Following the treatment, we knew we were going to require a script and again Loui didn’t hesitate to draft one and working on different drafts until we were happy with it moving on into pre-production.

Now all of this may sound a bit less fun compared to the thrill of being on a music video set but all these steps are crucial in achieving a quality music video. Note our focus here is on the behind the scenes work which needs to be done in order to end up with a quality product to present to your audience.

Some artists may not be so inclined to do the whole scripting and treatments which are fine given that they are always involved in the background for treatment presentations, script, script breakdown and budgeting. There are many filmmakers who are keen on taking these roles and if anything we should promote opening up the industry.

A bit of time is also spent on the pre-production phase – the planning, testing and drawing up plans if we were to simplify this stage. In our case, for example, we had the talent over for makeup testing and this opened our eyes a lot to the type of face-painting we want and finding the right talent for it. Pre-production is also the stage where you lock down your final crew. We had people involved already during the development stage because we were seeking their inputs early on as we figured out how to best execute this concept.

In the end, the music video came out brilliantly as we stuck to our editorial concept and we are looking forward to working on many music video projects in the near future. 

Watch Fire is the new black music video now and for more information about the concept, grade, styling and make-up we have a series of short videos covering that on our social media channels.

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